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The Backyard Sauna

None Another gifting season has come and gone.

And you made out okay. Lots of socks. But... there was one glaring oversight.

So next year, try making a list.

And try starting it with “backyard sauna shipping container.”

Grab a towel and say hello to Sauna Box, a sort-of-portable mail-order sauna for enjoying some relaxing dry heat in the privacy of your own yard, available now.

Yup, this thing’s real. That’s an actual 8-by-8-by-8 steel shipping container turned spa. The kind with a red cedar interior, a wood-fire stove and a solar panel roof. So, all the requirements for an especially relaxing Tuesday. Or a really forward first date.

Before ordering one, you’ll want to check your bank account, maybe move some things around... make certain your sauna fund’s got the necessary $41,000. Good. Then click the most exhilarating “add to cart” of your life, and when it arrives, well, congratulations: there’s a sauna in your backyard. Take it for a spin. Fire up the stove and breathe in that Sahara-desert-like dry heat.

Or just play some guitar. Yeah, there’s an electric guitar hookup inside (naturally), plus an iPod stereo, which should come in handy for those sweat lodge party playlists.

And endlessly looping Glenn Frey’s “The Heat Is On.”

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