An App for Keeping Your Resolutions

None Yesterday morning: maybe not your finest hour.

But hey, at least you didn’t wake up in a DJ booth with a blanket made from party favors and an empty magnum of champagne for a pillow.


Anyway, it’s 2013 now. Time to hit the reset button and roll out a resolution or two.

Or at least download an app that makes you feel like you’re doing that...

Enter Fig, a new iPhone and Android app designed to help you baby-step your way into a more prosperous-ish new year by reminding you to take care of the little things first, available now.

So... resolutions. No doubt you’ve made a few over the last few days. And that’s a good move. You should definitely eat more kale and take up cave diving. But in the meantime, this thing will be there to help you iron out the details in between. Like reminding you to laugh out loud or call your mom or have fewer K-pop songs stuck in your head.

Just jump on there and start pressing buttons. You can create bucket lists, design workout routines, remind yourself to do good deeds... that kind of thing. The endgame: every time you set a goal, you can share it on Facebook so the rest of the world can either cheer you on or heckle you into new-leaf-turning supremacy.

So maybe don’t choose that option.

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