An App That Fakes Handwritten Cards

None Right now, people are out there buying things for you.

Pants. Gift cards. Big tins of tri-flavored popcorn.

And they don’t even expect anything in return.

Except maybe a thank-you card.

Oh, and good news... you can totally shirk on that duty this year.

Because somebody had the common decency to invent Inkly, a new iPhone app/greeting card service that turns pictures of your own handwritten notes into actual thank-you cards and mails them anywhere in the galaxy on your behalf, available now.

Essentially, these guys are just eliminating a few key steps of the card-sending process for you.

Take going to the grocery store and picking out a card, for example. You don’t have to do that anymore. There’s a whole catalog on this thing to choose from. And putting it in the mail. No way you’re doing that on your own. They’ll take care of it.

It’ll go like this: 1) Download the app and pick a card. Any card. 2) Write a letter on a regular piece of paper and take a phone pic of it. 3) Upload it to the app and watch as they turn it into a living, breathing thank-you card and send it on its merry little way.

Hey, just trying to save you 60 seconds here.

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