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A Sleek South American Spot on Walnut Hill

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December 21, 2012.

If the Mayans are right, it’s the end of days.

And if they’re wrong, well, congrats.

You’re alive.

And you’ve got a new ceviche spot coming your way.

Grab a seat at Nazca Kitchen, a sleek new restaurant for South American breakfasts, wraps and fish tacos, plus the south-of-the-border beers and wines that go with such things, opening Friday on Walnut Hill.

This place is what happens when a restaurateur with wanderlust visits South America, eats a bunch of stuff he likes and vows to bring it back to Dallas. Not in his carry-on, though. Like, in restaurant form. So expect to find a menu stocked with Peruvian-style ceviche and Argentine steak. Plus a room full of earthy tones and lots of straight-from-South-America artwork. Yeah, it’s got that authentic vibe.

We know, it’s a busy weekend. So mark your calendar. (Dinner. Friday. 8pm. This place.) Then, when the time comes, stroll inside and request a brown-and-red booth. Good, now you’ve got plenty of room for a roasted half chicken and a glass of Mendoza cabernet. Hell, maybe even a friend or two. (You need someone to order the butter-leaf fish tacos.)

And should your holidays require a couple lifesaving breakfasts (they usually do), this place starts serving coffee, chorizo-egg-potato wraps and acai bowls at 6:30am.

So they’ll have a few hours to prep for your arrival.


Nazca Kitchen
8041 Walnut Hill Ln
(at N Central Expy)
Dallas, TX 75231


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