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The Mix’D Up Food Truck Goes Drive-Through

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Golden arches. Creepy-looking kings. Cows that are really, really awful at spelling.

These are things you currently associate with drive-throughs.

But go ahead and add a rock-and-roll food truck to that list.

Go ahead. Do it...

Because here comes the Mix’D Up Truck Stop, a local food truck’s brick-and-mortar outpost that happens to be a full-on would-you-like-pulled-pork-fries-with-that drive-through, opening Monday in Grant Park.

You know Mix’D Up. It’s that one food truck. The one with all the cheeseburgers and the garlic fries and the Pink Floyd blaring from the side of it. Well, that’s still rolling around. Only now there’s a permanent drive-through version of it also.

So, you’re nearby. Busy. Being all productive and whatnot. Then you notice it’s 13 minutes past your regularly scheduled burger time. That’s when you’ll pull through for an open-faced chili-rubbed Angus beef burger with Vermont bacon cheddar, pulled pork and chipotle ranch slaw (that’s The Texan). Throw in a side of fries smothered in wing sauce, ranch and blue cheese, too. That would be nice.

Oh, and should you find yourself on foot/bike/Vespa, feel free to order inside instead. It’s a little brick hut of a building. Just a few metal tables, some boxes of Idaho potatoes by the counter and more rock music blaring from the speakers.

Request “Free Bird.” They love that.

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