Sweet Chariot

Like a Cross Between an ATV and a Segway

None If Paul Blart: Mall Cop taught you anything, it’s that Segways can come in handy every now and then.

So let’s go for a ride, Blart-style...

Say hello to the Police Officer’s Electric Chariot, a highly elegant yet totally badass personal scooter, available now for your amusement.

We see this vehicle providing a couple of functions. First, if there’s someone special in your life who has “three-wheeled scooter used by select police forces” on their wish list, this is the gift for them.

Second, let’s say you’re in the middle of a high-pressure baking situation for your in-laws. You’re halfway through creating a masterful loaf of banana bread, when suddenly you realize you’re out of eggs. If you’ve got a fully charged one of these, you’ll just hop on it, fire up the LCD display and hightail it to the store at a crisp 20 mph.

And don’t worry if you happen to be in Beacon Hill. It handles inclines up to 22 degrees and features a zero-degree turning radius (read: turns on a dime).

Its two rear tires even come with aluminum rims.

With electric scooters, it’s always about the rims.


Police Officer’s Electric Chariot

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