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A SoBe Go-To for Thai Food and Gin

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The moment you laid eyes on each other, you knew.

It was kismet. Fate. Destiny.

You and steamed pork buns. Together forever.

Enter Khong River House, the highly anticipated Thai spot from the owners of Yardbird (and permanent residence to some fine, fine pork buns), opening Monday in South Beach.

Basically, you’re walking into what looks like an old Thai farmhouse (minus the odd rhesus monkey... sad, we know)—rough-hewn wooden chairs, grass-thatched walls, hanging bird cages and woven banquettes where you and any number of dates (up to three, in fact) can clink your glasses over bowls of sticky rice.

So this is a fourth-date spot. You know, casual... but challenging. Safe... but not too safe. You’ll want to opt out of a private table (trust us) and take a banquette that’s set in the middle of the action. Here, you can get lost in the Thai-ness of it all and dig into a charcoal-roasted guinea hen prepared by a former Nobu chef (we assume you’re familiar with his work). Also, those aforementioned doughy pork buns—go ahead, consider them a side dish.

And afterward, head up a staircase lined in vintage-y license plates for a sloe gin fizz nightcap at the bar.

Or more pork buns.

Those could qualify as a nightcap, too.


Khong River House
1661 Meridian Ave
(at Lincoln Ln N)
Miami, FL, 33139


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