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Himalayan Dumplings and Strong Ales

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Occasionally, something comes along that’s just damn tough to categorize. Romney’s politics. The music of Miles Davis.

And eco-friendly, beer-focused restaurants that happen to serve Himalayan cuisine. Yeah, those, too.

So let’s say a big (if slightly confounded) hello to Mad Momos, now open in Columbia Heights for all your beer-related (and Nepalese-related) needs.

This is like a giant eco-treehouse from the Carter era. Think: walls of glass, interior herb gardens, an ample beer deck out back and, everywhere you look, light fixtures and furniture reclaimed straight from the ’70s.

With a date, stick to the first floor. It’s darker and more mysterious, thanks to the 19-foot wraparound bar and the two high-tops, where you can draw a gray curtain around the two of you, your Russian imperial stout and your momos. Okay, so you asked: they’re pan-fried or steamed dumplings, filled with stuff like ground pork, apples and thyme.

For lower-pressure situations (say, brunch), head upstairs, park yourself on one of the decades-old sofas and grab Connect Four while you choose between sausage scramble tacos and bananas Foster and Nutella pancakes.

Come spring, look for a sidewalk café out front. But should the weather break in the meantime, the beer deck is open. As is a front balcony, with tree branches towering just beside you.

Tire swing TBD.


Mad Momos
3605 14th St NW
(at Spring Rd NW)
Washington, DC, 20010


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