Sleeper Hit

Pictures of People Sleeping at Chateau Marmont

9 Photos Asleep at the Chateau
None 9 Photos Asleep at the Chateau
You’d never brag about what happens in bed.

But let’s be real. You can sleep on your back. You can sleep on your front. Sometimes you get wild and sleep on your side. It’s... impressive.

Still, you’ve got nothing on these folks.

Take a look at Asleep at the Chateau—why yes, it is a photography book about famous people catching some shut-eye at the Chateau Marmont, and it’s available now.

So yeah, what you’ve got here is a coffee-table book with some attractive, well-lit people in it. But instead of posing on the Malibu shore or in some light-box studio in Hollywood, they went wild at Chateau Marmont. And then they went to bed. And then, while they were sleeping, this happened...

This being some photographer named Jork Weismann standing around in the corner of their suite with his camera, waiting. Taking pictures. Turning those pictures into a great big glossy book. Nope—not weird at all.

Oh, and in case you were curious, these people happen to look a lot like Patti Smith, Orlando Bloom and naked Eva Longoria. And those are people who can make anything look sort of indulgent and glamorous.

Even if they’re only fake-sleeping.

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