Things to do for December 06, 2012

The Weekender

It's the Weekend. Freak Out.

The weekend flies higher than an eagle.

A 40-Ounce Dare from JM Curley

A 40-Ounce Dare from JM Curley

Unhinged gluttony alert: JM Curley has thrown down the gauntlet with a new challenge to consume 40 ounces of cheeseburgers stacked high, 40 ounces of shoestring fries and a 40-ounce of malt liquor in 40 minutes. If you do: bragging rights and a comped meal. If you don’t: you’re human.

Available now, $40, JM Curley, 21 Temple Pl, 617-338-5333

New Pasta-ing in Cambridge

New Pasta-ing in Cambridge

On the other side of the river, a new enclave of pasta has just opened courtesy of a Via Matta alum. Awaiting you there: all-Italian wines. Heaping plates of peppercorn-and-cheese-laden orecchiette pasta. And extensive lentil-ing via the owner’s Italian lentil-farming family. With lentils, you want experts.

Now open nightly at 5:30pm, Giulia, 1682 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, 617-441-2800, see the menu

Watching the Doors’ Guitarist Play Jazz

Watching the Doors’ Guitarist Play Jazz

If your iPod is rife with the Doors, Frank Zappa, War or even jazz, get ready for a treat. Doors guitarist Robby Krieger is playing jazz in Somerville tomorrow with ex-Zappa and ex-War musicians. Next up: the ghost of Miles Davis playing “Light My Fire” on trumpet.

It’s Ugly-Sweater Time...

It’s Ugly-Sweater Time...

And if you’re looking for your first ugly-sweater party this season (or just a party), head to Somerville’s Daddy Jones Bar on Monday. Besides spiked eggnog and $50 gift cards for the most repulsive Cosby sweaters, there’ll also be a photo booth. Careful: pictures can haunt.

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