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Getting a Massage in a Cincinnati Art Museum

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Quick. No time to explain. Just pack a duffel bag, start the car and pick up someone you won’t mind sitting next to for four-and-a-half hours.


Oh, fine. We guess there’s a little time. We’ll explain.

You see, 21c Museum Hotel, the newest addition to the bustling Cincinnati nightlife, dining, art, spa and hotel scene, is now open and waiting for you.

The way we figure it, this is the week before the trickle of holiday parties and ugly-sweater bar crawls becomes a deluge. This self-contained vacation site is your best chance to cram in some unabashed preholiday self-indulgence.

Actually, it’s perfect: not too far away, not too expensive and not too cool. Just kidding. It’s pretty damn cool. Basically, it’s the hotel Jeff Koons would open, a spin-off of the boutique Louisville hotel that’s part hotel, part contemporary art museum.

You’ll pull up to the former historic Metropole Hotel, which after a century needed someone to shake out its cobwebs. Plus, it needed wi-fi and some random yellow penguin statues.

See, this is also very much a museum. Quirky art is everywhere. Take a look at it before heading to the 700-square-foot corner suite you reserved, with Italian mid-century furniture and a Nespresso maker. Then head straight to your appointment for his-and-hers massages in the spa.

And take off that ugly sweater.


21c Museum Hotel
609 Walnut St
(between 6th and 7th)
Cincinnati, OH, 45202


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