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Speakers and Radios from a Design God

None Dieter Rams.

Now there’s a name you don’t hear every day.

Damn shame, really.

Because not only is he basically the Beatles of all things design (or the Alan Parsons Project, depending on what you’re into), but there’s also a new store filled with amazing things that he created.

Which reminds you... that Douglas fir is looking pretty naked these days.

Enter Das Programm, an impossibly attractive website filled with impossibly rare pieces of Braun audio equipment designed by one Dieter Rams, online now.

This is some pretty slick stuff here. All streamlined and sexy. It’s the kind of music-streaming gloriousness that makes you want to whip out some hair tonic, pour a glass of something brown and say ’50s things. Possibly while using a Sprockets accent.

Up until now, you’d have had a hard time finding it anywhere outside of a design book—little wooden record players that look like they were torn out of a Rockwell painting circa 1955. Lectron radios and wall-mounted radios from the late ’60s. It’s all up for grabs.

Not to mention a bunch of furniture that Rams designed back in the day. Like armchairs. And desks. And shelving.

Seriously, though, you should see this shelving.

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