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A Fresco-Painted Stunner in SoBe

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A great painting can inspire a thousand creative journeys.

Or it can inspire a bunch of perfectly charred pizza pies.

Twenty-four, to be exact.

Say ciao to Serafina Dream South Beach, a fresco-lined cove for splitting crispy, oven-baked pies and champagne-soaked risotto, opening Wednesday.

If pizza had a Sistine Chapel, this would be it. A homey trattoria with hand-painted frescoes (think angel wings/tasteful nudes), marble bars and prime beachfront real estate (like we said: religious experience).

You’ll want to come here when you’re looking for a break in between all the vernissages and late-night, Parisian-themed soirees this week. The play: comfy corner banquette, couple of bresaola-topped pies from the big pizza oven and an espresso. Several.

And should you wind up making some sort of deep connection with a visiting gallerina this week (yes, a mutual appreciation for bresaola counts), there’s a quaint little wooden table outside on Collins Avenue that would make for a great date spot. Also, there’s a tasty little bowl of champagne-soaked black truffle risotto on the menu that would make for a great shared dinner.

Or, you know, you could each get your own.

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