Things to do for November 29, 2012

The Weekender

The Red Sox Chef, Dennis Lehane and a Naughty Party

The weekend is filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Shojo: Now with Lunch

Shojo: Now with Lunch

You’ve always said it: there’s nothing that suckling pig bao at 1pm can’t fix. Chinatown favorite Shojo acknowledges this with their new lunch service, offering said suckling pig bao, plus BBQ pork ribs, beef carpaccio shabu pho and even drunken noodles every weekday. When anything involving “drunken” is a good idea.

Mon-Fri, 11am-3pm, Shojo, 9A Tyler St, 617-423-7888

Collecting Art: Easier with Beer

Collecting Art: Easier with Beer

If the empty space on your wall has you down, hit up the SMFA party tonight, featuring a DJ and gratis suds. You and other would-be art collectors will check out works by students, faculty and alumni, all for sale. It was time to retire that signed Corey Haim poster.

Mystic River’s Author. Reading to You.

<i>Mystic River</i>’s Author. Reading to You.

Or if you happen to be more in the mood to hear author Dennis Lehane read from his latest tome, that’s also an option. He’ll be at the library with Live by Night, a gangster story about Boston and Cuba fighting for the rum business in the 1920s. We’re in.

Your Tuesday Night Party

Your Tuesday Night Party

Tuesday night soiree alert: the BSSC is hosting a “naughty list” gathering at The Brahmin involving passed apps (flatbreads, tater tots), a gratis gingerbread martini and a two-for-one Bretton Woods lift ticket to the first 100 guests who bring a toy for charity. You’re getting a little too old for Gobots, anyway.

Grilling Tips from the Red Sox Chef

Grilling Tips from the Red Sox Chef

Your Foxboro culinary skills are impressive. Making them outrageous: this crash course in tailgating gastronomy from the Red Sox head cook, Chef Nookie. You’ll learn how to make insane wings, chili and brisket for the game while sharpening your cooking-in-a-parking-lot skills. Legends are made, not born.

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