Cloak and Dagger

Keeping Would-Be Snoopers Out of Your Email

None David Petraeus. War hero. Smart guy.

And yet: also a cautionary tale.

Now, we’re not saying that you’d put yourself in any similar kind of compromising position, but let’s assume—for whatever reason—that you had to cover the tracks of your communications.

Well, then you’ll want to use something like Cloakmy, an online app that encrypts, protects and then destroys your most sensitive messages, available now.

So the next time you need to send out the eyes-only coordinates of your Atlantic City meetup spot, or when you’d like to tell The Wall Street Journal what your boss is really up to, you’ll visit this site.

It basically looks like any web-based email app. So far, so good. But here you can set a password that the recipient needs to know before she can access your message (“Motel 6” or something). And at the bottom, you can set the message to self-destruct as soon as it’s read, or at a predetermined time in the future.

As soon as you send, it will display links for you to read the message (in case you forgot what the important message you just sent was) and to destroy the message (in case you sent it to the wrong person).

Petraeus never made that mistake.

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