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Vino and Shellfish Towers Down by the Bay

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Postholiday Mondays.

Your favorite.

The alarm clock. The workweek. The Biscayne Bay–side risotto-stuffed lobsters.

Say hello to Casablanca on the Bay, an airy seafood-and-vino spot with waterfront views and tremendous first-date potential, now open in Downtown.

So yes, you’re finally getting a sequel to Casablanca. The Miami River restaurant. Not the Bogart movie. This new location: sprawling. Sleek. Equipped with a sunset-observing patio, comfy rattan chairs and the occasional neighboring yacht party.

Swing by their marble bar this evening for a maiden Biscayne Sour (bourbon, amaretto, homemade apricot jam). Sip that. Then, observe your surroundings. To your right: a mahogany wine humidor. That’s where they keep the nearly 500-bottle wine collection (unorthodox, we know). To your left: an exposed brick oven and charcuterie counter. That’s where they bake the rabbit empanadas/build the seafood towers. And dead ahead: a covered patio. That’s where they keep the unobstructed views of the bay.

Naturally, you’re probably thinking this would be a good place to sail to on a Sunday. So it’ll probably interest you to know that soon, you’ll be able to dock a boat in one of the restaurant’s own personal slips.

Just remember to pay the meter.


Casablanca on the Bay
1717 N Bayshore Dr
(at NE 16th St)
Miami, FL 33132


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