Whittle League

A Man Who’ll Make Anything. Out of Wood.

None There’s something about working with your hands.

The joy of creating.

The satisfaction of a job well done.

The... threat of splinters.

Whoa, didn’t sign up for that.

You know what, on second thought, let’s just leave the creating to the professionals.

Meet LoneStar Artisans, a Texas-based woodworking outfit with a knack for crafting things from, well, wood, taking orders now for custom holiday gifts, living-room accents and adult treehouses.

This all started with one man. His name is John. He practically came out of the womb whittling. For the past three decades, he’s been taking lumber and turning it into things like desks, coffee tables and other coaster-required furniture pieces. Now, just in time for the holiday season, he’s brought on an entire team of like-minded craftsmen. Good news for your gifting, tough break for trees.

So you’ve got a couple options here. You can order something from the online shop. Something like a handsome maple pen or a cherrywood chopping block. (Oh, you want the state of Texas carved into it... sure, no problem.)

Or you can go the custom route. Just call up John and talk through what you want, and a few weeks later, you’ve got a brand-new cedarwood iPad case. Or a life-size chess set for your backyard.

It’s about time you replaced the old one.

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