Matchbox 14th Street

Matchbox 14th Street

Bowling Alley Bars and Rings of Fire on 14th

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We know you’ve got turkey to think about. Stuffing, too.

But it’s not too early to start game-planning next week’s pizza adventure.

Yes, we said adventure. As in, you’ll be able to take your pie while sitting around a giant fire or suspended in a giant hardwood box in midair.

You can do this at Matchbox 14th Street, the dramatic new location for the local pie-makers, starting next Friday.

This is the only place where you can eat pizza in a former bowling alley. And a former car showroom. And a former jazz club.

And once you’re inside this three-level, brick-and-steel behemoth, your options are many. Grab a seat at the bar (made from a recycled bowling alley) and go through the eight wine taps and 23 beer taps, or slide down to the five-seat pizza bar and gaze into the red-oak-burning oven to check on your spicy meatball pie.

With a bigger group, ask for table 300 or 333, the canopied six-tops suspended over the void on a giant steel crossbeam, and order up plates of mini burgers and scallops with pork-belly risotto.

Or with a date, just grab two of the eight seats that face the giant fire pit on the patio and explore the lists of “Girlie Drinks” and “Manly Drinks.”

Sort of like His and Hers robes, only with more gin.

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