Lookout Below

Hiring Private Security for Your Phone

None Big travel week.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

TSA pat-downs.

Tiny peanuts.

TSA body scans.

Misplacing your phone at some point between now and your connecting flight in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Your phone finding its way back to you.

Introducing Lookout, a private-security-firm-developed app that helps you protect your phone, find your phone and remotely destroy your phone should the situation arise, available now for both Android and iPhone.

Think of this as the kind of thing Q would give Bond if he were constantly leaving his cell phone places.

In preparation for holiday travel, holiday dinners and holiday office parties, you’ll download this thing to your phone. Then, should you misplace it anywhere in the world (company break room, back of a taxi, North Pole), simply log on to the Lookout website. Even if the thing is low on battery, you’ll be able to track it. Or set off a really loud alarm on it.

Of course, if you think your phone may have been compromised, you’ll also have the option to remotely wipe the entire contents of its memory with the touch of a button. Contacts, texts, photos. Even your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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