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A Shiny New Uptown Pizza Joint

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You’ve got a lot on your mind right now.

The Cowboys’ playoff hopes. The fiscal cliff. Whether or not your mom is going to use the good marshmallows on the yams this year.

Busy week. Busy, stressful week.

So here, let us go ahead and take care of your dinner plans tonight.

Introducing JoJo Eating House & Bar, a bright and airy hangout for wood-fired pizzas, pasta and seafood, opening tonight in Uptown.

This place comes courtesy of a highly decorated French chef with a fondness for pizza and a knack for transforming things into polished, white-tableclothed spots with open kitchens, circular booths and wood-heavy patios. Things like the old Bella space.

Now, normally, we’d say go the date-and-booth route here. But you’ve got a lot of meals with a lot of people coming up. So for tonight, the simple company of a cold Kronenbourg should do. Post up at the marble bar that looks onto the kitchen. Supervise some pizza-dough tossing. Nod in approval. Also, do whatever nod it is that signals the chef to put tomato sauce, white cheddar and spicy merguez sausage on that pizza.

And beginning early next year, they’ll start delivering those pizzas straight to your door. Which is great, timing-wise.

January is usually when you run out of turkey leftovers anyway.


JoJo Eating House & Bar
626 Howell St
(at Worthington St)
Dallas, TX, 75204


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