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The Custom Gifts You’ll Give This Year

The season of giving. You can’t hide from it anymore. It’s here. Especially if you plan on giving someone a champagne saber... with your family crest engraved on it. Or, like, a really nice humidor or something. Because those things—these things below—well, they take time. Tick-tock...

UD - A Personalized Champagne Saber

A Personalized Champagne Saber

The holidays are a time of joy. Of merriment. Of hacking champagne bottles open with a giant sword. Which brings us to Rodger Magill—he’s the master goldsmith who’ll be hand-engraving the quote or design of your choice on the blade of a bronze-handled champagne saber. Nothing says holiday cheer like swordplay.

UD - A Made-to-Order DJ Console

A Made-to-Order DJ Console

Maybe your cousin thinks he’s Skrillex. Maybe your mom wants to dust off her John Denver LPs. Maybe you should have some woodworking gurus in the UK build them a DJ console modeled after the ones used at Studio 54 back in the day. The size. The finish. It’s all customizable. And so DJ Eat Your Broccoli was born.

UD - A Humidor Designed from Scratch

A Humidor Designed from Scratch

Fact: someone on your list enjoys cigars. It’s just the way it is. So it stands to reason that said enjoyer wouldn’t mind you commissioning a tricked-out humidor from the same guy who built the ones at Harrods on their behalf. He’ll build anything... Secret compartments. Built-in cigar cutters. Creepy miniature Indians. Okay, almost anything.

UD - Like Build-A-Bear for Leather Bags

Like Build-A-Bear for Leather Bags

Everyone needs a good leather bag. And hey, here’s a leather studio in Nashville that’ll make you one. You can tweak one of their existing bags (add pockets, subtract straps...) or just send in a picture of the satchel you want and they’ll make it happen. Horween leather sandwich baggie sounds about right.

UD - A Custom Portrait from a Famous Artist

A Custom Portrait from a Famous Artist

First, you’re going to pick a deserving person. Then, you’re going to email a picture of that person to the people behind a new website called Fabulous Noble. And then, someone from a crack team of graphic artists and illustrators is going to paint that person’s face on canvas. So... hopefully you know some narcissists.

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