The Wanderer

An App for Directing Your Wanderings

None In general, you know where you’re going.

Not in the existential, philosophical sense. But, you know, around town.

But sometimes you don’t. Especially in new cities.

That’s where this comes in: Wanderous, an app that directs your meanderings to points of interest in cities across the US, available now for iPhone.

Consider this your digital pocket Sherpa the next time you’re working in a scary, unknown territory (one word: Cleveland). This thing creates routes for you to discover thousands of interesting places and spots to check out in large cities and small towns across the country.

Start by lacing up your shoes/gassing your ride. Then, pull this out while you embark on a Kung Fu–esque earth walk. It’ll tell you about everything from historical landmarks and scenic parks to city corridors and Instagram-worthy vistas.

Or just use it around here on your next weekend traipse around the city. As you zigzag through the neighborhoods, the app keeps track of what territory you covered with virtual breadcrumbs, marking where you went and what you saw along the way.

It’s a lot easier than humping around loaves of bread all afternoon.

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