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Getting Dressed in an Oak Street Basement

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We needed to be absolutely sure before sounding the alarm.

So we made some calls. Checked the data. Gchatted with Tom Skilling.

But we can confidently report that flannel weather has arrived.

Head to the nearest basement pop-up shop stocked with cold-weather finery immediately. This is not a test.

Our pick: Apartment Number 9 Pop-Up Shop, fully equipped to swaddle you in the dashing flannel shirts, chukka boots and bow ties this season requires, now open.

You’re familiar with the Apartment Number 9 on Damen and their dress shirts, selvage denim and exclusive patterns from Chicago tie-maker Lee Allison. Here, however, the first rack you’ll encounter is from Seize sur Vingt. In fact, this is the only place outside of NYC where you’ll find their line of holiday-party-appropriate dress shirts and corduroy suits. (They’re sleek clothes. You’ll look good in them.)

Of course, there’s the flannel to consider—specifically, lumberjack shirts from Seize’s more casual line, Troglodyte Homunculus. Ball one up, throw it in an overnight bag, report to a Christmas tree farm, grab an axe and just go nuts. (Not “Jack Nicholson in The Shining” nuts. Fun nuts.)

Speaking of flannel, they even have vintage furniture from Sojourn in Sawyer, Michigan, including a mid-century reading chair upholstered in gray flannel suit fabric.

It’s like sitting on Don Draper’s shoulders.


Apartment Number 9 Pop-Up Shop
67 E Oak St
(between Michigan and Rush)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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