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Counter-Service Pub Fare in Brickell

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Last night, historic.

Really, a pivotal moment in American history that’ll change the course of this country for years to come.

Starting... Monday. With your gastropubs.

Here’s your first look at OTC, a new joint that’s putting a counter-service twist on the classic neighborhood pub, opening Monday in Brickell.

Gastropubs. You’ve been to quite a few. You’ve lost count. It’s probably upwards of 70. Anyway, this is another. Same rare craft brews, bacon-topped things and reclaimed wood with metal decor. The big difference here: speed.

See, the service at this spot is entirely counter-style. So your short rib and brie grilled cheese sandwiches are cooked faster. Your bacon, egg and cheddar fries are crisped quicker. And your IPA pints, well, those’re poured at the same exact speed as before (certain things should never be rushed).

Which makes this place perfect for dinner before a Heat game next week. Just drop in, head to the counter (it’s carved from 2,000-year-old Florida cypress) and get yourself some BBQ-pulled-pork sliders. Then, retreat with your food to one of the metal-chandelier-shaded, wrought-iron tables. Then, chew.

That probably goes without saying, though.

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