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Turning Your iPhone Photos into Books

None Here’s the problem with your Facebook wall...

It’s all likes and pokes and kittens wearing funny hats.

Which is fine. But what it needs: a little polish.

Something tasteful and refined.

Something you could, oh, we don’t know... display on your coffee table.

Here to help: Mosaic, an iPhone app for creating handsome photo books of all your favorite/food-porn-y pictures, available now.

Yes, it’s a photo app. And okay, you’ve already got six of those. But what you don’t have is a hard-copy book for prominently showing people that you once skied the Himalayas. And stood in line next to Ron Washington at the movies. So good news: that’s what this is for.

First, download the app. Then, sift through your camera roll and select the photos you want in the book (20, to be exact). Once you’ve made your choices, you can preview each page, ensure no unfortunate Halloween photos slipped through the cracks and hit publish... we mean, purchase.

Four days later, a glossy-paged tome filled with your photos shows up on your doorstep.

Yes, you’ll have to carry it to your coffee table.

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