Burn, Baby, Burn

The Hottest Hot Sauce You’ve Ever Tasted

None Looks of dread. Wretched screams. The sheer, morbid inhumanity of it all.

Yes, we’re talking about your Halloween...

... If you use too much of this stuff on your eggs.

Introducing Henry Family Farm Varietal Chile Extracts, bottles of searingly hot chili... juice, available online now.

Open the lids to these jars and it smells like, well, what pain feels like. That’s because they aren’t really hot sauces. Nope, they’re just pure extractions of super-intense peppers, picked by a father-son duo in the Shenandoah and bottled within 24 hours without any water, vinegar or salt added to dilute their pure paint-peeling powers.

Your choices: the African yellow fatali pepper. Works great in salsas and stews. The Jamaican lime pepper. Think tacos and fish.

And then there’s the red naga jolokia from India. Otherwise known as the ghost chili pepper, in all its famed nastiness. It’s great in chili con carne, but they warn you: you should only use a single drop of the stuff.

Unless you have a vendetta against someone.

Or you’re invited to a masochists’ potluck.


Henry Family Farm Varietal Chile Extracts

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