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Frog Legs and Alligator Empanadas in South Beach

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Your grandma.

She knows a thing or two about Lincoln Continentals, mah-jongg and precisely how much plastic is necessary to cover a sofa.

Kris Wessel’s grandma.

She knows a thing or two about alligator empanadas, white-cheddar grit cakes and wild boar.

Also, she wants to know if you’d like to come over for dinner next Thursday.

Feast your eyes on Florida Cookery, Kris Wessel’s new paean to old-school Floridian cooking (and the occasional frenched frog leg), opening November 1 at The James Royal Palm.

So, Kris Wessel’s gam-gam. Back in the day, she used a book called Florida Cookery to whip up all kinds of indigenous fare. Stuff like mango pie and coconut punch. Which we assume was spiked.

Now, Kris has some new digs. It’s all very ’50s space-age retro meets the Everglades—wooden Eames-style chairs, bright-green glasses, terrazzo floors. And he’s doing things in the kitchen just like Grandma would’ve. With spiny lobster. And wild boar. The result: a place you’ll frequent for relaxing balcony dinners of grilled squab and foie gras salad.

Or, you know, crocheting while wearing blue-blockers.


Florida Cookery
at The James Royal Palm
1545 Collins Ave
(at 16th St)
Miami, FL, 33139


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