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Adams Morgan’s New Old-School Barbershop

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We know: Adams Morgan during the day has the potential to be disorienting. Should you find yourself there in the AM, you might only be looking for some eggs and a cup of coffee.

Then again, a shave and a haircut couldn’t exactly hurt.

So after you hit up Tryst, hit up Wise Owl Club, an old-school barbershop complete with a buffalo head on the wall, now soft-open.

This looks like the kind of place where Nucky would go to get cleaned up in Boardwalk Empire. Except where he might be served by an old guy named Sal, you’ve got a young woman named Lauren. Not to worry, she’s no less adept with a razor. In fact, she’s even got her own proprietary shampoo (it’s called Club Scrub).

Now, things may change a bit, day to day. There might be a Coke for you in the throwback-style fridge. There might be a shoeshine guy. Maybe some soul on the stereo, maybe a game on the TV.

What won’t change: the five 1930s-era chairs, where you’ll sit down and say, “Give me the Javier Bardem” (or maybe just a beard trim).

Before you go, stop at the front desk, curated by the pop-up known as Mutiny. There, you’ll find denim dopp kits, shave soap made with IPA and vintage razors.

Vintage blades: not recommended.


Wise Owl Club
2010 18th St NW
(at Florida Ave)
Washington, DC, 20009


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