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A Suit Shop with a House Cocktail List

This week: all sunny and 70s. Wild stuff. Pretty soon, however: wind and frost. Layers and boots.

Best get yourself a nice new wool suit. Maybe a custom-made overcoat.

A glass of scotch couldn’t hurt, either.

Here to give you all of the above: Michael Andrews Bespoke, a New York–based custom shop opening tomorrow in a Dupont row house.

This is like a hidden speakeasy that just happens to stock 10,000 fabric samples. But before we get to that... let’s talk about the bar. It’s eight feet of marble, and it’s where you stop first to get your whiskey, beer or house cocktail like The Tuxedo (gin, sherry, sweet vermouth).

There. That should make you much more receptive to discussions about Italian cashmere blends, mother-of-pearl versus horn buttons and their 100 custom linings, as well as the usual battery of measurements they’ll need.

In eight to 10 weeks, you’ll have your suit (if you were hoping for a bespoke Dracula cape for Halloween, well, there’s always next year).

Then, once they’ve got your measurements, you can breeze back in anytime you find yourself in need of a velvet tux jacket, a camel-hair overcoat or shirts with shell buttons and your choice of 18 collar styles.

Or a cold glass of gin.


Michael Andrews Bespoke
1604 17th St NW
(at Q St)
Washington, DC, 20009

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