Embedding Video into Your Photos

None You’re looking at an ordinary photo when something catches your eye. The trees in the photo... they’re swaying. The water in the river is... running. And that dog. He’s definitely following you.

You are:

A) Quite insane.
B) In The Twilight Zone.
C) Sampling the wares in the Phish parking lot.

Or, more likely, someone’s been playing with Echograph, a cool new app for the iPhone and iPad that lets you effectively embed a piece of video into a still image, available now.

This is not like those GIFs of wardrobe malfunctions you may have stumbled upon online (and besides, your friend sent it to you anyway). No, this is a good bit more creative, letting you animate just about any section of an otherwise still frame of video.

Let’s say you’d like an animated photo of you cliff-diving in Mexico. First, you’ll have to dive off a Mexican cliff. With someone filming it. That out of the way, you’ll pick a five-second-maximum video clip and a still from that clip. Then, just use your finger to “paint” the area you want to animate.

Pretty soon, you can try your hand at flags fluttering over a still image of the Capitol or your prized fish swimming solo around his tank.

Don’t try this with Romney’s hair. It’s inanimate.

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