Hidden Call Trick

An App That Hides Calls and Texts

None Your phone’s contact list.

It’s a veritable petri dish of castaways, jilted lovers and people with names like “Brunette from Haunted Hayride.”

These people are liabilities.

Ticking time bombs who, at any given moment, could explode onto your screen in front of the wrong set of prying eyes.

Which is exactly why they’re about to be blacklisted...

More specifically, hidden deep within Cate, an app that automatically intercepts calls and text messages from selected contacts and lets you retrieve them later with a secret password, available now for Android and coming soon for iPhone.

Cate. It stands for “Call and Text Eraser.” And it’s basically like having a tiny Secret Service agent who lives inside your phone and quietly... deals with people who aren’t supposed to be there.

And to the naked eye, this thing doesn’t even exist. There’s no app icon. The only way you can access it is by dialing the secret code (hint: it’s “5555” until you change it). Once you’re in, just select the people you want blacklisted (your contact list is already imported) and choose “stealth mode.”

Then, let’s say you’re with Person of Interest A when Person of Interest B decides to call you. And your phone is in plain sight. Cate automatically reroutes that call into the app for safekeeping so you can check it later. It’s as if it never even happened.

Well, at least until you check it later.

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