Check, Please

How to Avoid the Rain. And Toxic Spills.

None Toxic spills.

Considering the impact they have on your morning commute (and, you know, the planet), you’d like to have an easy way to avoid them via updates on your phone.

Problem: toxic spills don’t happen often. But the weather does. So someone just combined the two, in a crazy-well-designed new app.

Thunderclap your hands for Check the Weather, a gorgeous, super-simple and accurate weather-predicting app, available now for iPhone.

Sure, there are a lot of weather apps out there, and some even come standard on your phone. But like the evolution of the simple cable channel morphing into a gluttony of graphics and information, they’ve gotten obnoxious. Which makes you ignore them. And then get weathered on.

What you’ll like about this one: it works. Really well. Mainly by analyzing the day’s skies using advanced real-time global-weather-prediction systems (beyond someone just looking out the window).

By swiping left, right, up or down, you can get everything from localized alerts of hazardous spills... to hyperlocal, minute-by-minute Doppler radar maps for your neighborhood. Or that riverboat you’re sleeping on in Istanbul next week. Just because.

And to answer your burning question: yes, you can get daily lunar activity breakdowns, too.

You always like to keep tabs on the Sea of Tranquility.

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