Door Report

The Keys to New York’s Toughest Doors

Okay, public service time. It’s getting cold. Shelter is needed. Your preferred form of shelter: the club. So before you is a full report, a check-in if you will, on the door situation and the splendors that await you inside five clubs of the moment. Because it’s all about staying warm.

Electric Room

Electric Room

The Door Scene: Fur. Clacking heels. Forlorn rejects ascending back up the loading dock. Commiserative smoking.
Door Guys: Damon and Megan.
Rejection Rate: 35% to 45% turned away.
The Key: “Oh, yes, I’m with the M... [trails off] party...” Best to know someone.
Beyond the Gate: Couple of couches. Lots of people. The best basement party you’ve ever been to.

Le Bain

Le Bain

The Door Scene: Good-looking people looking nervous after harshly worded rejections of less-than-sober Frenchmen.
Door Guys: Ian and Richard.
Rejection Rate: 30% to 40% turned away.
The Key: Your own fleet of leather-clad Amazons wouldn’t hurt. A bit of expert flirtation.
Beyond the Gate: “Once you get off the elevator, you’re going to see some f**ked-up sh*t.” —Elevator operator

Le Baron

Le Baron

The Door Scene: A lot of strategically nonchalant leaning by a meticulously unkempt rock crowd.
Door Guys: Julio or Steve.
Rejection Rate: 40% to 50% turned away.
The Key: Show up early. Act like you’ve been there. Put on your best, most torn T-shirt.
Beyond the Gate: Smoky, sweaty, uninhibited acts of gyration in the basement. Head there.

No. 8

No. 8

The Door Scene: Imagine the VIP areas of every other Meatpacking club loosely corralled behind a few knotted nautical ropes.
Door Guys: The legendary Disco. Plus Charles. And your host, Glenmore.
Rejection Rate: 60% to 80% turned away.
The Key: Charm Glenmore. Get his VIP stamp. Charles’ll let you by.
Beyond the Gate: People unabashedly into hits of the ’70s and ’80s. Boa feathers flying.

No. 8, 357 W 16th St (near 9th)

Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant

The Door Scene: Jewels and fur. Fedoras and suits. A general aura of civility.
Door Guy: Roddy.
Rejection Rate: 0% turned away. An anomaly.
The Key: Show up. Give a wink. Walk in.
Beyond the Gate: More of a loungey existence here, where you’ll subsist on champagne and neon light.

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