Door Report

The Keys to New York’s Toughest Doors

Okay, public service time. It’s getting cold. Shelter is needed. Your preferred form of shelter: the club. So before you is a full report, a check-in if you will, on the door situation and the splendors that await you inside five clubs of the moment. Because it’s all about staying warm.

UD - Electric Room

Electric Room

The Door Scene: Fur. Clacking heels. Forlorn rejects ascending back up the loading dock. Commiserative smoking.
Door Guys: Damon and Megan.
Rejection Rate: 35% to 45% turned away.
The Key: “Oh, yes, I’m with the M... [trails off] party...” Best to know someone.
Beyond the Gate: Couple of couches. Lots of people. The best basement party you’ve ever been to.

UD - Le Bain

Le Bain

The Door Scene: Good-looking people looking nervous after harshly worded rejections of less-than-sober Frenchmen.
Door Guys: Ian and Richard.
Rejection Rate: 30% to 40% turned away.
The Key: Your own fleet of leather-clad Amazons wouldn’t hurt. A bit of expert flirtation.
Beyond the Gate: “Once you get off the elevator, you’re going to see some f**ked-up sh*t.” —Elevator operator

UD - Le Baron

Le Baron

The Door Scene: A lot of strategically nonchalant leaning by a meticulously unkempt rock crowd.
Door Guys: Julio or Steve.
Rejection Rate: 40% to 50% turned away.
The Key: Show up early. Act like you’ve been there. Put on your best, most torn T-shirt.
Beyond the Gate: Smoky, sweaty, uninhibited acts of gyration in the basement. Head there.

UD -No. 8

No. 8

The Door Scene: Imagine the VIP areas of every other Meatpacking club loosely corralled behind a few knotted nautical ropes.
Door Guys: The legendary Disco. Plus Charles. And your host, Glenmore.
Rejection Rate: 60% to 80% turned away.
The Key: Charm Glenmore. Get his VIP stamp. Charles’ll let you by.
Beyond the Gate: People unabashedly into hits of the ’70s and ’80s. Boa feathers flying.

No. 8, 357 W 16th St (near 9th)

UD - Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant

The Door Scene: Jewels and fur. Fedoras and suits. A general aura of civility.
Door Guy: Roddy.
Rejection Rate: 0% turned away. An anomaly.
The Key: Show up. Give a wink. Walk in.
Beyond the Gate: More of a loungey existence here, where you’ll subsist on champagne and neon light.

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