Jam Session

A Bacon, Egg and Cheese Delivery Service

None You can’t see the future.

It’s okay. A lot of people have that problem.

But if there’s a chance you may wake up somewhere strange tomorrow morning with no idea how you got there and without pants, we want you to know there’s someone you can call for help.

They’re the police. And their number is 911.

Also, and more importantly, there’s someone you can call for breakfast sandwiches.

They’re Jam a Lam, a secret breakfast club service that’ll bring bacon, egg and cheese biscuits to your home in the morning and to bars late at night, taking orders now.

Think of this as the best thing to happen to hangovers since Advil. A two-woman operation whose sole mission in life is making peppery, honey-sauced egg sandwiches. And then getting those sandwiches to you in the most painless way possible.

So follow them on Twitter and see where they’ll be serving this weekend. Or if you hate surprises, they’ll be at El Bar on Saturday around 1:30am.

Of course, if you’re one of those folks who prefer their breakfast sandwiches at, well, breakfast, they’ve got that weekday delivery service for people in the Poncey-Highland area. Just send an email the night before with your order (egg sandwiches: several) and a time (between 6 and 10am). Then wake up the next morning and answer your doorbell.

Welcome home, sandwich.

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