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A Ski Lodge with Its Own Train Station

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It’s almost too easy...

Still, you should go. For the impeccable lodgings and skiing...

Welcome to Hôtel La Ferme, a train-in/train-out lodge of farm-to-table dining and towering Quebecois verticals from a Cirque du Soleil cofounder, taking reservations now.

Many years ago, Daniel Gauthier helped start Cirque du Soleil. But really, the guy wanted to own a mountain. So he bought one. Then he put a hotel on it—five structures that look like farmhouses on the outside and mod masterpieces on the inside.

There’s a train station. Right at the hotel. So naturally, that’s how you’ll get here. Make your way to Quebec City. Then board the Train du Massif de Charlevoix for panoramic St. Lawrence River and mountain views, iPads (classic French-Canadian train ride) and general French-language charm.

When you arrive... there you are. A quaint little French-Canadian farm village. Look at those cows and sheep. You’ll be eating those soon. Look at those mountains. Oh right, the mountains: you’ve got the tallest verticals in Eastern Canada here. Which means alpine runs that Olympians train on and a healthy amount of deep-woods off-piste to work.

But before you get to that, grab some dinner at Les Labours. A little locally sourced roast suckling pig and beef-heart tartare. Some cheese from right in town. A little Canadian beer.

Your standard Canadian Olympian diet.

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