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There are certain things you like to keep private.

Your Social Security number. Your email password. Your irrational fear of pudding cups.

Also, whatever you and your date happen to get up to during dinner.

It’s why man invented corner booths, nooks and a little game called “footsie.”

And why you’d come to Modern Restaurant + Bar, a sexy 12,000-square-foot space with more than its fair share of private rooms and blind spots, slated to open next Saturday.

Which gives you 192 hours to prepare. Or just long enough to read the intel below. Five thousand times.

Should You Need Your Own Bartender
They’ve got a pair of glass-enclosed private rooms here. The largest has its own wooden communal table for 30, projection screen and personal bartender. Book this for occasions that require loins of lamb, bottles of red and, well, a personal bartender. We’re thinking your half-birthday.

When You Want to Avoid Prying Eyes
Reserve one of the three “mafia booths.” They’re curved banquettes that sit behind a curtain, face the door and overlook the entire dining room. Great for wining, dining and intimidating the hell out of clients.

If You’re in a “Mountain of Shellfish” Kinda Mood
Sit out on the patio. It overlooks Piedmont and has a window into the big granite bar. Order a Down South Smash (bourbon, crème de pêche and basil), and then, that glorious seafood tower. Go ahead, start climbing.

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