Get Bent

A Tripod. A Charger. Both, Really.

None A brief overview of winning combinations.

Belichick and Brady.

Vodka and OJ.

Old jackets and forgotten cash.

And now: something that lets you charge your phone and take sturdy video of your nunchuck-ing skills. Or, you know, something else.

Smile pretty and say hello to The Bobine, the glorious birth of what amounts to a form-retaining cable that charges your phone, available now for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

So imagine: you want to take video of your dog wrestling a paper bag. Only problem: you don’t have much phone juice left. You’ll attach your phone to this, bend the cable into a coil to give it a secure base to hold your phone at just the right angle to capture the footage, sit back and feel like Martin Scorsese. (Note: this also works for late-night hotel room trysts.)

And because it retains its formed shape like a pipe cleaner, you can even wrap it around stuff (signposts, tree limbs, kitchen cabinet handles), should you ever want shots from above.

Although placing your phone in a tree to charge it sort of defeats the convenience factor.

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