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Everything You Need to Know About FT33

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There’s been a low hum coming from the Design District for months now. It’s grown to a steady buzz, and now it approaches a downright hullabaloo. That’s right, hullabaloo. See, on Saturday, FT33 finally opens. And below, five things you’ll want to know.

1. It looks like an industrial barnyard. In the best possible way. There’s a bunch of wood pulled from an 1850s farmhouse, plus polished concrete floors and vintage hanging bulbs.

2. Your chef may seem really familiar. It’s because he’s cooked you dinner at Campo and Stephan Pyles. He also cofounded Chefs for Farmers. His name is Matt McCallister. But you can call him Matt McCallister.

3. The seasonal menu will change constantly. For now, expect candied oxtail buns with Fresno chilies and crème fraîche. Also, a pork loin with corn, mustard, olives, smoked mayo and cherries. And pancakes. Sea urchin pancakes.

4. They’ve got a pretty serious sommelier. He was recently named Texas’s Best Sommelier, and Texas is a big place. They’ve also got local beers and cocktails like the Calvados Sidecar (brandy, Cointreau, lemon). But, unfortunately, no on-staff calvados expert.

5. There are only 80 seats. So you should probably make a reservation. Request a table for two that looks onto the open kitchen. Say hello to the line cook. Offer to pass the salt. And make nonchalant observations about “deft touch” and “calculated restraint.”


1617 Hi Line Dr, Ste 250
Dallas, TX, 75207


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