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Merry Christmas.

We know. We’re obnoxiously early this year. You probably want to punch us.

It’s just that we found you this great gift and we couldn’t wait until December 25 for you to open it.

Especially not when it’ll cease to exist like a week later.

Prepare to tear into Hudson North, a pop-up restaurant for beer drinking, dart throwing and dodging visiting relatives, opening tomorrow in Atlantic Station and vanishing into thin air right after the holidays.

Say you were a good little boy/girl this year. And say instead of “a pony,” you asked Santa for a pop-up-pub type place from the Cypress Street folks that looked like a Southern Winter Wonderland (hanging mason jar candles, a snow-white compass painted on the window) and served scotch. Well, this is what you’d get.

So in the coming months, you’ll want to drop in here when you need 45 minutes of peace, quiet and gruyère cheeseburgers topped with crispy ham and brown ale ketchup. Washed down with brown ale beer (you love condiment synergy).

And although they don’t have TVs (you’ll have to watch the 5-0 Falcons elsewhere), they do have one Pac-Man machine, two dartboards and a bunch of decorative railroad spikes.

Not to be confused with functional darts.

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