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An LA-Style Diner Behind the 9:30 Club

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In a politically charged season like this, it might behoove us to rediscover all that’s good and true about America.

A place that worships cars, rock and roll, and bourbon-laced shakes isn’t a bad place to start.

So time to wrap yourself in the flag and welcome Satellite Room, the latest entry from the ESL guys, opening Tuesday.

This is the kind of rough-and-tumble, LA-style diner/bar that Jane’s Addiction would roll into between a peyote trip in the desert and a gig at the Roxy—cinder block, murals of classic cars and a giant neon sign over the bar.

You’ll want to show up here before a 9:30 Club show—mostly because it’s attached to the back of the 9:30 Club—and grab a booth. While you’re straining to hear sound check through the wall, you’ll order four kinds of tacos, patty melts and Mexican Poutine (think chili cheese fries).

After the show, you’ll probably want pancakes and tater tots. (It’s as good a guess as any.) And if you want them while sitting at a high-top next to a mural of masked wrestlers, you’re in luck. They’ve got one of those by the covered outdoor bar. Wash them down with an adult milkshake, like the Vincent Vega (vanilla with bourbon) or the Linus van Pelt (peanut butter with Tennessee whiskey).

Or a beer, if you’re lactose intolerant.


Satellite Room
2047 9th St NW
(at Vermont and V)
Washington, DC, 20001


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