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Mastro’s Gets an Airy New Penthouse

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Pop quiz.

You’re on a breezy rooftop terrace. A girl in fishnets just brought you some tequila in a bowl. Are you at:

A) A Santa Monica hotel.
B) Your place.
C) An old-school Beverly Hills steakhouse.

Turns out, it’s C.

(If it’s also B, you should invite us over. We’ll bring a ladle.)

Introducing The Penthouse at Mastro’s, a new rooftop lounge above the historic steakhouse with all the red meat you’d expect and all the girls in fishnets you wouldn’t, now discreetly open.

Forget everything you know about Mastro’s. Or don’t, because it’s still there. And you’ll see it, briefly, before you tuck into the elevator to the new third level, which used to be office space. It... doesn’t look like office space anymore. It’s white and golden and orchid-y, with lots of open windows and terrace seating in the great outdoors—kind of the opposite of the stone-and-darkness vibe downstairs.

They still have steak up here. And vodka. So you can do all that. But you came for something a little different. You came for some Curry Hamachi Sashimi and a big bowl of tequila punch. You came for a round of Oaxacan Monks, which involves mezcal and vermouth. Everything’s a bit looser up here. There’s a DJ. The waitresses are in fishnets. Your night will probably get away from you.

That last round of steak is never a good idea.

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