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Ripping Vinyl Records Straight to Your iPhone

None Siri...

If you need someone to remind you to put gazpacho on ice or tell you if it’s raining, she’s your gal.

If you need someone to rip the B-side of a rare-record Elvis cut in a Tupelo music store onto your iPhone, she... well, she can’t do that.

But we know something that can.

Meet the iLP iDevice Turntable, a record player that converts original vinyl tunes into iPhone-compatible digital tracks, available now.

So this thing, it looks like a record player (there’s a platter, an arm, a dustcover), it functions like a record player, and it... also functions like a VCR. A VCR that automatically records whatever you play on it directly to the i-device of your choosing.

You’re going to want to use this to fill in any glaring Spotify or iTunes blind spots. Just grab an LP from your personal collection. Toss it on the platter. Attach your iPhone. And listen (or go make a sandwich, your call) while this thing copies the album and automatically splits it into individual digital tracks.

Oh, and don’t worry, all of the snaps/pops/hisses from the original recording will transfer. So you’ll still get that authentic vinyl sound.

Now to make that “Greatest Gramophone Hits” playlist...

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