Discretion Is Advised

Sharing Your Private Photos. Privately.

None Chances are, you have some pictures on your phone.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

Some involve you drinking champagne in a sleeping bag with someone you’re not supposed to be drinking champagne in a sleeping bag with.

And for those rare (ish) occasions, you’ll be needing this...

Take an appropriately discreet look at Moshpic, a new iPhone app that lets you share entire photo albums from one phone to another in complete privacy, available now.

Think of this as your own personal, invite-only photo booth. Only instead of having one of those half-curtain things that may as well not even be there, it’s got firewalls and encrypted data and a troll who won’t let anyone in without reciting a secret haiku. (Fine. It doesn’t. But it totally should.)

Start by downloading the app. It’s free. Then type in your name and cell number. That’s also free. All of your contacts and pics from your camera roll will already be in there, so at this point you’ll want to start thinking about which shots to share and who to share them with.

Which may or may not be a dicey decision-making process. Either way, once you invite someone to see your “stack” of pics, you’ll both be able to share freely back and forth. And privately. And comment on each other’s shots. Also privately.

Unless you lose your phone, then you’re screwed.

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