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Today, we bring word from your inner child.

It feels neglected.

First came the job. Then the responsibilities. And lately, well, you’ve been displaying a total disregard for the foods of your youth.

Or, specifically, for homemade biscuits and scratch gravy, and the requisite sopping that goes along with them.

Here to mend fences: Jack’s Southern Comfort Food, a bright and airy spot that’s awash in pot pies, fried chicken and, yes, flaky biscuits, opening Monday on Greenville Avenue.

This place is kind of like Grandma’s house. It’s quaint. It smells like buttermilk. And there’s an abundance of deviled-egg paintings and platters on the walls (Grandma’s a bit eccentric). In the kitchen, chef Scott Jones (Screen Door, Cowtown Diner, deviled-egg aficionado) is whipping up a bunch of Cajun/Texas-inspired things. So assuming you like biscuit sandwiches and smoked brisket chili (and we’re confident you do), you’re in luck.

Step inside and make your way past shelves of stacked dishes and homemade jams. Find a seat along the pastel-green-colored wall. Casually comment to your waitress about their build-your-own-casserole bar and how you’ve been waiting all your life for this. Then, stop casually commenting and start eating things like crawfish pot pie.

And yes, you’re right, cold beer does sound like perfection right now. So you’d better bring your own, because Jack’s is BYOB.

Make sure your inner child has some ID.


Jack’s Southern Comfort Food
1905 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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