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The iPhone Microscope You Never Asked For

None Your collection of fun things you don’t need but have anyway has become impressive over time.

Oscar Wilde’s backup walking cane. Café-quality Italian espresso machines for your bathrooms. That crossbow that only fires corn dogs.

And today you’ll add one more to your repertoire.

This: the iPhone Mini Microscope, a fully functioning science-buddy attachment for your phone’s camera, available now for some reason.

Think of this as the newest way for wasting valuable time at the office in between Facebook status updates, viral videos of bulldogs on trampolines and rousing games of Words with Friends (at least with that last one you can appear to be working).

Essentially, it’s what you’d think it is: a tiny microscope you slide onto your phone. The microscope has three LED lights and a 60x zoom that allows you to see basically anything really, really closely. Say, your morning bagel. Or the watermark on the passport of that Colombian grad student you’ve been seeing (it’s not that you don’t believe her, but she looks a little more Patagonian).

And thanks to it working through your phone’s camera, you’ll be able to take still images of whatever you’re looking at, however closely, and then share them as you would any other image.

Translation: your Instagram feed is about to get really abstract.

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