Boardwear That Doesn’t Really Look Like It

None You know that fantasy where you’re carving down a double black diamond like a Lane Meyer out of hell, just absolutely slaying the entire mountain to the point where they’re considering renaming it after you...

It’s funny how you’re never naked in that fantasy.

You’re probably wearing something along the lines of Owner Operator, a natty new line of performance board jackets, pants and hats made in New York City, available online now.

First off: this is a two-man operation. Just a couple of guys with a 20-year history of boarding and a dream. So they think things through. Like, maybe it’d be good if you had some vent anchors on that lightweight parka to keep it from flapping all over the place once you hit Mach speeds. And an emergency whistle on the zipper. You know, in case you... don’t hit Mach speeds.

But mostly it’s just about you making a really handsome, non-astronaut-like entrance on the après-board scene. They’ve collaborated with your favorite tie-makers at the Hill-Side in the past. And now they’re doing everything from insulated flannel shirts for those slightly warmer early days of the season to heavy-knit watch caps for the dead of winter.

And pants. Don’t forget to wear pants.

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