Snow Day

Five Snowy Instagrams to Get You Through Summer

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Right now, Instagram’s just one big collection of Valencia-filtered swimming holes, sunshine and a preponderance of people not wearing parkas.

Frankly, it’s appalling.

So, here: five ski-centric Instagrams full of picturesque snowy things to remind you of winter. And, okay, the occasional gratuitous bikini shot. Grab a scarf and follow along.

1. Armada Skis. Well, here’s a nice collection of pleasing landscapes. Also: people flying upside down through the air. Hope they landed okay.
2. Will Wissman. Just an impressive cache of scenic mountains and the skiers who frequent said mountains. It’s majestic stuff.
3. Adam Moran. A snowboarder, who’s a photographer, who’s not untalented at capturing other snowboarders defying the normal bounds of gravity.
4. Jamie Anderson. The Olympic gold medalist has a real knack for handstands and bikini-clad yoga poses. Snowboarding, too, apparently.
5. Verbier. Blue skies, endless snowscapes, the occasional close-up of a cow.

That took a weird turn.

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