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The City’s Only Custom-Suit Speakeasy

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Finally. The last day of summer.

Now, let’s get you a nice scotch to toast the arrival of fall.

But since no scotch—or autumn—is complete without a made-to-measure custom tweed suit, let’s get you one of those, too.

We know just the place: J.Toor, the city’s only custom-suit speakeasy, now booking private consultations in the Gold Coast.

So, yeah. Speakeasy. Suits. Scotch. A lot to take in. So let’s back up. It’s located on the sixth floor of a well-heeled residential high-rise condo—not unlike Frasier Crane’s pad. Nice terrace. Art. Kitchen. Bar.

But instead of sherry, someone will offer you a whiskey. Instead of two nattily dressed psychiatrists, two nattily dressed clothiers will make sure everything from your collar points to the buttons on your double-breasted vest is just where you want it.

After explaining a little bit about the suit you need—something powerful for the office, something velvet-lapeled for a benefit gala—they’ll get to work showing you things.

Run your fingers over hundreds of swatches of Italian cotton, Thai silk, Indian brocade and English tweed, until you find the perfect patterns. Then, before your design is sent to local and international tailors, they’ll render the design electronically and email it to you for your approval.

No, they can’t email you more scotch.


747 N Wabash Ave
(at Chicago)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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