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The Frank Lloyd Wright of Gastropubs

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You’ve always wanted to be an architect. No, wait, that was Costanza.

But drinking in a place inspired by architects... yes, that’s you.

So welcome Drafting Table, an ode to the romanticism of mid-century architects, opening October 1 on 14th Street.

First of all, the name: well, the bar top and eight tables are fashioned from old architects’ desks and the walls are dotted with blueprints. So if you ever felt like bringing a straightedge and some pencils into a bar and getting to work on your next great building over a Dark and Stormy and some meat loaf, this is the place. (It’s also not a bad place to just read some Ayn Rand.)

But more likely, you’ll make for this spot on a chilly fall night, when you’re after the comfort that only comfort food—well, and 16 draft lines—can provide. If you’ve got the proper quorum, then make for the 14-top communal table, lit with four salvaged bus-depot stoplights.

If it’s just the two of you, settle in for a nightcap on the bar’s industrial stools, maybe an Old Fashioned, maybe a Stone IPA. And if a little late-night sugar rush is called for, you can always summon a Snickers pie or the grilled stickies à la mode.

You wouldn’t have your stickies any other way.


Drafting Table
1529 14th St NW
Washington, DC, 20005


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