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Power-Lunch Lobster Rolls in Midtown

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As far as you’re concerned, it’s already the weekend.

Which means all work-related matters are now on hold until Monday.

That includes (but is not limited to): conference calls, emails, reports, thinking of any kind...

And beer/lobster roll power lunches in Midtown.

So come back in four days and behold Olmsted, an all-business (and mostly glass) lunch spot for firm handshakes, tense negotiations and midday pints/sandwiches, quietly soft-opening Monday.

Picture a bright and airy glass dome with off-white linen tables, floating artwork and a big open kitchen. Okay, now picture that dome filled with lawyers on recess, CEOs sipping scotch, and you... just murdering an expense account with one steak tartare after another.

Now, if you’re coming here for a quick espresso or cup of chowder before your 2pm, just grab a stool at the bar and you’re set. If it’s brunch with a bunch of clients from Tokyo, first, remember to bow at the waist, and second, opt for a shaded table out in the garden. Then, a round of top-split lobster rolls and a couple Reubenesques. That’s smoked brisket and house kraut on pumpernickel. Also, that’s delicious.

But mainly, you’re coming here for business. Of the serious, do-not-disturb kind. That’s where renting out the entire second level comes in. (Imagine the first floor, but smaller and overlooking the garden.) There, you can order from a custom menu and set up a little entertainment.

In this case, PowerPoint.


1180 Peachtree St
Atlanta, GA, 30309


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